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water treatment flushing machine drinks filling machines packaging equipment

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water treatment flushing machine drinks filling machines packaging equipment

China water treatment  flushing machine drinks filling machines packaging equipment supplier

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Place of Origin: 1111
Brand Name: 11
Certification: 1111
Model Number: 11

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100
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Packaging Details: 11
Supply Ability: 11
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Drinks: Packaging Filling: Machines
Water Treatment: Flushing Equipment Filter Equipment: China

The equipment is multifunctional and versatile, and is suitable for filling and sealing various liquids and bottles. It can be used for filling hot drinks such as tea drinks, coffee drinks, soy milk drinks and fruit drinks, etc., and also for filling glass bottles and polyester bottles.

Ozone sterilizer called ozone sterilizer is the use of ozone strong oxidation to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Ozone is a strong oxygen agent, and its bactericidal effect is 30 times higher than that of chlorine, which is 5 10min at a certain concentration, and ozone can be sterilized for all kinds of bacteria. Abroad, it has been widely used in disinfection of water for deodorization and color removal. It is also widely used in the production of mineral water and purified water in China.When microbes are irradiated with ultraviolet light, the protein and nucleic acid of microbes absorb ultraviolet energy, which leads to protein denaturation and causes the death of microbes. UV has a certain penetrability to clean and transparent water, so it can disinfect the water. Ultraviolet sterilization can not change the physical and chemical properties of water. It has many advantages, such as fast sterilization, high efficiency and no odor, so it is widely usedThere are two kinds of sterilization methods: physical sterilization and chemical sterilization. Chemical sterilization is the use of hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide, sodium hypochlorite and other fungicides. Due to the existence of chemical residues in chemical sterilization, the modern food sterilization law tends to be physically sterilizing. Physical sterilization is divided into thermal sterilization and cold sterilization. Thermal sterilization is also divided into thermal sterilization, dry heat sterilization, microwave sterilization and far-infrared heating sterilization. Cold sterilization is divided into ultraviolet radiation sterilization, ionizing radiation sterilization and freezing sterilization. In the moist heat sterilization method, pasteurization, high temperature short time sterilization and ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization are used. Pasteurization (pasteurization) is a low temperature long time sterilization method. The sterilization temperature is below 100 C and the holding time is 30min. High temperature short time sterilization (HTST), the sterilization temperature is generally at 100 degrees, such as milk HTST sterilization temperature of 85 degrees, and maintain more than 15s. Ultra high temperature instant sterilization (UHT), sterilization temperature above 120 degrees Celsius, only for a few seconds. HTST and UHT sterilization methods are not only efficient, but also have better structure and appearance, nutrition and flavor preservation than other sterilization methodsThe automatic bottle washer can be divided into different types according to different conditions: from the way in and out of the bottle, it can be divided into two end type and single end type; the transmission mode from the bottle sleeve can be divided into continuous and intermittent type; the way of processing bottle from machine can be divided into spray, scrub and soaking type. The following is mainly introduced in the way of bottle washing. (1) jet type bottle washing machine includes washing inside and outside bottles. The center of the nozzle must be centered on the center of the bottle. This type is especially suitable for flushing of the crown cover, because the bottleneck is small, generally only about 5mm. It is difficult to clean the bottle with other types of bottle washing machines. The spray head of detergent should be high pressure. But this bottle washing method is very easy to generate foam, and it is also difficult to remove trademarks. In addition, due to the role of carbon dioxide in lotion and air, the concentration will quickly decrease and the energy consumption will be larger. (2) a soaking bottle washer is washed at first or several times by hot water, and then the bottle is submerged in a washing tank at different temperatures (emptying after filling) for washing or sterilizing. After the last flood, rinse with hot water and cold water for several times to wash the lotion. The required immersion bottle washer is still used very little. (3) immersion and scrubbing bottle washing machine is cleaned by washing and washing. This is an effective cleaning method for scrubbing the wall of the bottle. In the past years, brush has been used. Because it is easy to lose its hair, its life is short. At the same time, the quality of brushing is affected by the dirt easily stored in the brush. Some countries use synthetic materials as brushes. The structure of the washing part of the bottle washer is very complicated, because the brush and bottle mouth must be aligned to enter the bottle, so there are not many uses. (4) the immersion and spray bottle washing machine combines the advantages of soaking and injection, with one or more soaking grooves and more jet parts, and the nozzle is mostly high pressure. Some believe that when the jet part reaches a certain degree, it can replace two jet tanks. The cleaning effect of high pressure jet can be equivalent to washing with a brush.water treatment  flushing machine drinks filling machines packaging equipmentwater treatment  flushing machine drinks filling machines packaging equipmentwater treatment  flushing machine drinks filling machines packaging equipment

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