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Good quality V Neck Wedding Dresses for sales
Good quality V Neck Wedding Dresses for sales
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Good Products ,Good Service,Good Sourcing Platform uit for producing different size of milk bottle , soy sauce bottle, yellow wine bottle. different

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Good Products ,Good Service,Good Sourcing Platform uit for producing different size of milk bottle , soy sauce bottle, yellow wine bottle. different

—— Steven

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Zhufeng ACI - Mid High Voltage Inverter

China Zhufeng ACI - Mid High Voltage Inverter supplier

Large Image :  Zhufeng ACI - Mid High Voltage Inverter

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Place of Origin: china
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Detailed Product Description

Zhufeng ACI - Mid High Voltage Inverter

Technical Parameters:

Mid High Voltage Inverter

【Power Range:220KW-6MW】

【Voltage Rank:3KV、6KV、10KV】

Summary of Product

ACI-H series high-voltage inverter, designed and manufactured by Guangzhou Zhufeng Electric Co., Ltd., is an AC-DC-AC voltage inverter integrated with excellent performance and price comparison and high-voltage reliability. The main circuit adopts the multi-level extension circuit, the control mode adopts the sine wave pulse width modulation, the input adopts the transformer isolation multiple technology, the output adopts the multi-cell phase-shift series direct high voltage.

Based on the years of motor control technology, product output, input harmonic content reached the leading domestic level. Close to the sinusoidal output voltage waveform, ensure the stability of the motor within the speed range, the small amount of input current harmonics almost no pollution on the grid, to guarantee the reliability of surrounding electrical operation.

This series of frequency inverter can drive almost all kinds of applications of high-voltage motor for stepless speed regulation, the smooth speed, efficiency and power factor is high. Especially nowadays, used in fans, pumps, energy-saving operation, the economic benefits of ACI-H series is extraordinary.

This series inverter consists of three main parts, the left side of the machine is the transformer cabinet, the middle is the power unit cabinet, the right is the control cabinet. In order to improve the stability of the control circuit and debugging and use, the control cabinet doors open at the right side of the machine. Products used the cabinet structure, large-capacity aircraft air-cooled closed loop cooling.

Machine input and output wiring are located in the bottom left of the cabinet, wiring convenience.

ACI-H Mid-High Voltage Series





1. Thermal power: induced draft fan, blower, dust washing fan, compressor, feed pump;

2. Metallurgical mining: induced draft fan, dust washing fan, mud pump, cleaning pump, centrifugal feed pump;

3. Petrochemical industry: induced draft fan, gas compressor, water injection pump, submersible pump, boiler feed pump, the main pipeline pump, brine pump, mixer, extruder,

4. Cement industry: furnace fan, raw material grinding fan, pressure blower, the main vacuum cleaners, coolers, dust extraction fan, cooler exhaust fan, separator fan, furnace fan,

5. Other: transmission machinery, wind turbines, wind tunnels and so on.

Technical Features

1.Modular electronic block design, power unit cascade high-voltage inverter;

2.Using multiple rectifier technology, small harmonic, high power factor, conform to the most stringent power quality management requirements;

3.Using multiple inverter technology, small output harmonic, small motor torque ripple, high operation efficiency;

4.Using DSP and CPLD control platform, high system control real-time and reliability;

5.Built-in PID regulator and terminal programmable setting function, to facilitate the realization of transformation control to meet the process control requirements;

6.Touch screen, program running, analog potentiometer, voltage source, current source, communication interface and other control input channels, the control mode is flexible and convenient;

7.AVR function design: timely grid voltage fluctuations, the output voltage can be basically the same, suitable for China's power grid;

8.Protection functions: the high-voltage inverter short circuit, overcurrent, overload, phase loss, three-phase imbalance, rectifier transformer overheating and other failures can be reliable protected;

9.Multiple bypass design: the system can bypass power unit in the case of power, inverter system continues to run.

Energy Saving Principle of Mid-High Voltage Variable Speed Control

The load characteristics of vane fan, water pump, compressor is square torque type, That is, the required torque is proportional to the quadratic of the speed. In three conditions of fan and pump meet the geometric similarity, motion similarity and dynamic similarity, following the similarity law. For the same fan (or pump), when the density of the axle-sending fluid is constant and the rotational speed is changed, the change of the performance parameter follows the law of proportion.

That means, flow is proportional to the speed, the head (lift) is proportional to the quadratic of the rotational speed, the shaft power is proportional to the cube of the speed. In practical application, due to the system parameters and operating conditions of the restrictions, and it can’t simply apply the law of proportion to calculate the speed range and energy effici

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